A Mermaid’s Cavern

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Working with QTee has to be one of my favorite things. I’m obsessed with how many custom shirt and color options they have (um and hats and shoes and more what) so naturally I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add to my mermaid obsession with this top I’ve been obsessing over for months. I chose some summery pastels on top of a black based oversized boyfriend tee, and I am loving the contrast. Am I a mermaid yet?


Pink Scalloped Shorts: similar here tattoo choker: Urban Outfitters fringe purse (on sale): Urban Outfitters shoes: similar here Custom “Save Our Mermaids Oversized Boyfriend Tee” c/o QTee

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“I’ve never met anyone like you,” he said with his fingers tangled greedily through her silver-blonde hair.

“What are you, some sort of unicorn? No, I’ve got it — a mermaid!”

So she smiled, bright-eyed, as if she’d never heard the line before, genuine as it may have been. Her voice was still lost with him, as if stolen by Ursela herself. That’s who she was, here on this terrestrial planet she never truly belonged, yet somehow craved endlessly: she was silent. She treaded quietly, not quite sure how to carry the weight of it all with only her two shaky legs supporting her, not setting it down, terrified of leaving the earth she’s romanticized her entire life more broken than the moment she set foot onto it.

But you see, she had a world of her own —  something celestial, hidden from the earthly plane. A world as elusive as her own heart. A place she’d never needed to tread quietly on, where even her most ineffable thoughts, were transformed into sonorous, full words, resonating intent, echoed with love.

The surface is where she peered out everyday, with the deepest sense of sonder and longing, almost envying the unconscious strangers unwittingly passing by not noticing the world she felt inside of her, wondering if ignorance really is bliss.

Once in a blue moon, someone seemingly familiar would catch her attention. Someone with kind eyes and a wandering heart that made her wish she could simply take their hands, interlace their fingers into her own, and dive deep into her ethereal world.

The problem was, her transcendental hideaway was also quite cavernous and admittedly slightly disorienting, as unfamiliar places normally are. Still finding herself lost occasionally, she was only just getting used to the depth of the waters surrounding her peculiar little world, learning how to breathe again, recalling the ways to the surface.

Most weren’t able to even dip their toes in without being pulled in, leaving their thoughts too obscured by the foreign waters to remember how to swim. But there still is a girl somewhere out there, seeking refuge in an incredibly convoluted, exceedingly isolated, strangely beautiful world, alone but not necessarily lonely, singing a melody too old for her to remember, waiting for someone as curious as her to wander into the unknown, breaking through the surface of the sacred, boundless world she’s been building inside herself for all these years, because even mermaids ache to feel understood once in awhile, I suppose.


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