My Skincare Routine

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015



I was recently asked what kind of skin products I used because of my obviously flawless skin (LOL what a joke) so I thought I’d share a post on my skin routine along with my favorite products.
Let’s start with my face, shall we:


I have a not-so-secret secret: I have horrible skin. Sometimes it’s dry and flaky and I feel like a dragon, but it’s simultaneously oily. All. The. Time. I have the ultimate combination skin. I don’t break out a lot, but when I do, it’s hormonal; not only that, it’s the cystic, painful type of acne that takes forever to heal. The worst part is how hard the healing process is to hide with my fair skin. Thank you, MAC Cosmetics and filters for making it seem otherwise. Above
is a photo of myself where my skin has been left unretouched. The good news is, every single one of the miracle products I use on my face, I purchase at drugstores! No designer labels, no fancy packaging, just straight to the point products that WORK.
Cetaphil’s Oil Control Foam Wash was recommended by my dermatologist and I use it everyday, twice a day. I honestly couldn’t live without it; this face wash is so gentile on my sensitive skin and unlike any wash I’ve used before. It cuts through all of my makeup and gets everything off and feeling clean without that harsh chemical feeling or smell. It’s a dream.
I don’t know how I’d survive without my St. Ives Apricot Scrub either. Along with my terrible combination skin, I also suffer from horribly giant pores and chronic blackheads. Gross. I use this scrub once every other day, usually at night before my Cetaphil foam wash, because I love going to sleep with soft, awesome smelling skin. When I use this product consistently, my complexion becomes so much brighter and my skin suffering visibly fades.
My dermatologist originally recommended the basic Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer which I gladly decided to try because I love how gentile Cetaphil’s products are. To my dismay, it burned when I put it on and dried my skin out miserably, so I searched far and wide on my own and after my short term fear of Cetaphil’s products ended, I found their Moisturizing Cream. I use a thin layer in the mornings after I wash my face and it leaves my skin so smooth and oil free that putting makeup on is a dream, and I use a thick layer after washing my skin at night, so I wake up to the softest skin ever. I’ve literally had the same jar of goop for months and I’ve barely made a dent in it — it lasts so long! Bonus: sometimes I use this on my legs and body at night and after showers because of how moisturizing it really is.


Now onto my body products:



I LOVE wearing anything backless, hello, I have to show off my tattoo somehow, so I use this OXY Face Wash on my back and chest everyday in the shower after I wash my hair (conditioner has the tendency to clog pores) to prevent bodily breakouts. I don’t use it on my face because it contains 10% benzoyl peroxide and my face is way too sensitive for that; however, my body takes it like a champ. This can also be found at any basic drugstore! Yay!


The last product I’ve been using on my body consistently is this amazing Coffee Scrub. The company sent it to me to try and I didn’t think much of it until I actually tried it. It is HEAVENLY. I use it one to two times a week before I shave on my entire body (face included) and it leaves my skin so incredibly soft, and since it’s made of coffee, the smell is even energizing. Bonus: it is completely organic and comes in three different scents. I’m in love. Have any of you tried these products? What are your skin must haves? Let me know in the comments below!



Snippets of my Story

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

Hi. I’m Chantel. A lot of you may know me as that awkward girl on instagram who went through a phase of only posting pictures of food- which I’m okay with because like the moon, I go through phases. I’m not a “constant” and I don’t intend to be. My passions change like seasons, but a few of them will always remain: fashion, writing, art, and health. In my eighteen years of living, I’ve gone through an extensive journey of self-discovery, and obviously I’m still very much involved with that process, hence this blog.
Since this blog is about the things that I love (I refuse to limit myself to just articles of clothing) I’m going to share bits of my personal story with you that nearly nobody knows. I don’t want this website to be my “highlight reel,” I want it to be real. I would genuinely like to share and maybe even inspire more than I want to be a walking advertisement. If more people were willing to tell their story, maybe our generation wouldn’t have to google so much of their life. (yes that’s a thing it happens ok)
I can’t think of a time I have been truly happy with my body. Which is normal, I guess, because I’m a girl- but it shouldn’t be. Since my sixth grade year, I have done everything from extreme extended juice cleanses to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets, to literally anything you can think of. I’ve always been naturally underweight, but with an array of autoimmune problems and sickness, my activity level, medications, and weight fluctuated along with my self-esteem. My eating habits became erratic, and I went through starve-binge cycles for years. I made it a point to keep everything I was feeling inside my own mind. Yes, I’ve done things to my body that I’m not proud of for the sake of acceptance. It’s hard to believe that I actually let myself get so worked up over a number on the scale?!
I eventually decided that labels are crap. I didn’t want to be “vegan” or “vegetarian” anymore, I simply wanted to be healthy. So I did what I do best- I researched. I read books on health and different lifestyles. I befriended the people living those different lifestyles. I asked questions. I taught myself about processed foods, food labels, animal products, carbs, gluten, everything I had questions about, and I’m still learning. Through this journey, I fell in love with simplicity. Raw fruits and vegetables. Coming up with crazy combinations- making art out of fruit. Making insanely healthy food taste absolutely sinful. I rerouted my sugar tainted SAD taste buds (Standard American Diet) and started feeding my body instead of my ego. Instead of being neurotic and crazy about my body, treating it like a temple, I started treating my body like my home. It’s where I reside, not where I worship.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t JUST eat raw foods, but I’ve reverted to this sort of “nourish don’t punish” philosophy. I woke up one day and decided to be genuinely conscious. Granted, I still have bad, self-hate filled day, but don’t we all? It’s all about observing and moving forward. In the same way my great aunt used to tell me if I crossed my eyes too long, my face would freeze that way, if you linger on a feeling too long, it’s going to stick.
Positive in, positive out.
This is an extremely summarized post and I still feel uneasy posting it. I’ll go into more detail about my health issues as well as my physical and spiritual journey in the next few posts of this series. Just remember, we all have our flaws. We do what it takes to hide them and that doesn’t make us fake, it makes us human. <3

Smoothie recipe below!

Giant Smoothies are my go-to.
This particular smoothie is one of my absolute favs.
Two bananas
TONS of frozen strawberries
pomegranate juice to blend
Fruit is the most sustainable food on the planet. Indulge in true medicine.

Midi ring-set and $2 flower headband from Rue21


Sunday, April 20th, 2014

This is actually a post I’ve been stressing about for awhile. My camera bittersweetly has an eye for detail and I’m not big on putting my personal insecurities on the internet for all to see, but this really is a product worth reviewing. I’m sure most of you have heard about the latest skin craze, Nerium. I’ve been absolutely dying to try it! So of course when one of my favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Jessica McLain, from Proverbs Living offered me a five day sample to review, I couldn’t refuse! I have problematic skin to say the least. I have fair, sensitive skin like a vampire and literally every flaw is insanely noticeable. I have microdermabrasion performed on my face around once a month because my skin is that prone to sun damage, scarring, and drying.
This beautifully packaged sample Jess sent me contained the day as well as the night cream. I genuinely love them both. For starters, the day cream wasn’t greasy or oily like a lot of daily moisturizers, so it seemed to help set my foundation like a primer instead of making my face smeary- and the night cream OH MY GOODNESS. It’s so much stickier than the day cream so definitely apply it to damp, just washed skin instead of dry skin. It feels almost like a facial; the night cream hardens and isn’t too pleasant at the time, but every morning I washed it off I just wanted to touch my face forever. (I don’t recommend petting your face constantly as tempting as it is) My before and after photos completely shocked me. I did NOT expect to see a noticeable result in my sun and scarring damage after three days?! That’s insane. The texture of my skin has definitely improved and I can’t wait to continue this product! I believe in it so much that I’ve even been talking with Jessica about becoming a brand partner over the summer when I have more time to invest.
If you are interested in trying Nerium, you can shop it here or head over to Proverbs Living and ask for more information! My shocking personal results are below in case you’re like me and need proof. <3

Seven Days of Hair

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

Day 1: Boho Braids
Simple never looked so romantic. Part your hair down the middle, make two french braids secured with elastics. Loosen, and wrap around like your head like a crown, pinning to opposite sides.

Day 2: Faux Bob
Easy way to change up your long locks without impulsively chopping! It only took me around twenty minutes. The link to the YouTube tutorial I used is below.

Day 3: Bows & Curls
When in doubt, I tend to throw my hair up in a ponytail, curl the ends the same way, brush it through, and add my favorite bow. It’s an easy way to add a feminine element on the go!

Day 4: Relaxed waves
Before I blowdry, I like to use a texturizing mousse because I have very fine hair. Curl hair away from your face in one inch sections, and brush through when cool!

Day 5: Fishtail
There is nothing better on a spring day than a sassy remix of a classic braid. If you don’t know how to fishtail, I have a YouTube link below!
Day 6: Sock Bun
Talk about a Pinterest classic! When I was little my mum always did my hair like this before ballet. In about two minutes, you can have a clean, sophisticated undo. If you haven’t heard about the sock bun, I’ve linked a video tutorial below.
Day 7: Side Twist
I love this hairstyle because you can wear it
casually, or you can dress it up. Part your hair
on the side, and start making a twist. Pin under
the rest of your hair and secure it all with an elastic.
Curl at the ends with a large barrel iron.
Faux bob tutorial here
Fishtail tutorial here
Sock bun tutorial here

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