Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

I started this blog in March of 2014 and I thought long and hard about the name of all things. I had to think about who I was and all that I stood for. No pressure, right? That’s where Vanity-Laced came in.Not many people know how I came up with the name. Something you should know right off hand is that I am trained in the art of phlebotomy– I take blood. I romanticize veins and anatomy and humans. It inspires me daily. When I was contemplating my decision, that’s what I thought of. Blood. Blood and veins. I thought about how everyone has an addiction– everyone has a drug coursing through them. Mine just happens to be a fashion. I have vanity laced through my veins.

In December of 2014, a short nine months later, a new name was born. In this small increment of time, I had loved, lost, and moved the hell on. I had traveled Europe for a month alone,moved to a new city, andeven plotted my escape from my beloved home state. I had changed career plans around 29345 times, filled up 87577 journals, joined a sorority, and developed an even deeper love for coffee, writing, and existing– something I never thought was possible. In this nine months, Ihadn’t discoveredwho I am, but I learned what I am. All I am is wondering and wandering. That’s it. Not only did these two verbs become my adjectives, but they became my life. So much so, that I had to get one of them etched onto my back in Paris. My posts had slowed down considerably since that August and I realized that it might be because I was in a completely different place in my life than I was when I first started my blog. A better one. The content no longer matched my world. I didn’t need this blog anymore. I wanted it. Actually, it’s all I wanted. So like me, it changed. Not just the name, but the content. The words. The style.
Welcome to Wandering with C.
 I’m C.
The C is short for Chantel. Chantel Mosher to be exact. Oddly enough, I’m an 19-year-old college student residing in the middle of Kansas. I know, I know; I’m young. And I’m from Kansas for that matter. But, more importantly, I’m passionate, curious, and free. I have too many dreams to list (I’m a professional daydreamer) but they all seem to include creating and traveling. I have been self-diagnosed with wanderlust for as long as I can remember. At this point this post used to state that the only cure I’ve found is to “just go everywhere;” I’ve only recently discovered that going only feeds the disease.
I feel like this should be the part of my bio where I tell you about my personal style. The fact is, I don’t have one. I’ve been blessed with a free spirit and a bit of a chameleon soul. I love pulling inspiration from different decades, different movie characters, and different parts of myself. I don’t think anyone should strive to be one page or even the entire book, but instead, the whole damn library. I like pretty things and that’s all I really know.
I want to absorb as much as I can in the short amount of time that I have here in this world, and I want to share. I want to share the clothes I place on my back and the thoughts sporadically bouncing around in my head. I want to share my nearly journalistic writing and my diary of photos. I want to share the loveliest places I wander off to on this earth and the darkest places I wonder off to in my head. But most of all, I want to share this extensive, sometimes tedious, often times fleeting journey with those curious enough to read.

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Wondering & Wandering

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