Orange is the New Black

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

orange orange2 orange3 orange4 orange5

Summer is over, you say? Not in my book! Another day, another sundress. It’s been a lovely 82 degrees today, and I doubt I’ll break out the pants until freezing temperatures hit. As much as I really do love fall, my heart is stuck in an endless summer, full of bright colors, denim jackets, and flatforms. The trees never die there. My throat, however, does. This look is yet another hoarded one from my summer, seems how despite my lack of love life, I’ve somehow managed to develop yet another of the dreaded kissing diseases: strep. *insert dramatic music here* My survival hereby depends on this gallon of water and pint of ice cream beside me.

Simple little sundresses are my absolute go-to, because at a moments notice I can just throw one on and pretend I tried, without even wearing pants. Maybe I’ll even put a little extra effort in and slip into a fancy vintage eight dollar denim jacket, who knows? I always feel so sneaky when someone asks why I’m so dressed up, as if I was about to wear pants in this lifetime.

dress c/o Hot Kiss jacket: Vintage Levi


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